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City of Lake City, MN
Assistant Public Works Director Position
Application Deadline: April 13, 2023
This newly created position will assist the Public Works Director in managing, planning, coordinating, and implementing required Public Works services and infrastructure within the City, assist in setting policies and goals under the direction of the Public Works Director, and take the lead role in the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program and sustainability efforts City-wide. Departmental supervision is exercised over superintendents, foremen, and all personnel within the Electric, Water/Wastewater, Street/Parks, and Hok-Si-La Park divisions of Public Works.
City of Fairmont, MN
Director of Public Works/Utilities Position
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
The Director of Public Works/Utilities coordinates, plans, and provides direction to all Public Works, Public Utilities, Engineering, and airport functions of the City consistent with City policy, federal and state regulations, and objectives developed and/or approved by the City Council and/or the Public Utilities Commission. This is a highly responsible position requiring good judgement and ability to act independently.
Active Searches Past Application Stage:
City of Winsted, MN
City Administrator Position
Closed: March 15, 2023
City of New Hope, MN
City Manager Position
Closed: March 14, 2023
Faribault County, MN
Assistant County Engineer Position
Closed: March 2, 2023
City of Credit River, MN
City Administrator Position
Closed: February 2
8, 2023
City of Rockville, MN
City Administrator Position
Closed: February 2, 2023
Coming soon!
City of Morris, MN
City Manager Position


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