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City of Mound, MN
City Manager Position
Application Deadline: October 11, 2023
The City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and oversees the operation, programs and personnel of all City departments to ensure efficient municipal services. The City Manager is the head of the administrative branch and is the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager develops and issues administrative rules and procedures necessary to ensure proper functions of all departments and all duties and responsibilities granted by law, City Code, and the City Administrative Code as they relate to operations and administration.
City of Melrose, MN
Electric Operations Director Position
Application Deadline: October 5, 2023
The Electric Operations Director is responsible for the operation, construction, and maintenance of the City's electrical distribution system and supervises Electric Department staff. This position works on-call and responds to emergencies and/or repairs, as needed.
Arrowhead Library System, MN
Executive Director Position
Application Deadline: October 4, 2023
This position is the chief administrative officer of the library system and is responsible for establishing and directing the program of library services for the Arrowhead Library System, both a regional public library system and a multicounty, multitype library cooperative, and providing services to member libraries and other participating agencies. Promotion and development of standards and determination of policies are vital elements of the work. Program policy and guidance are received from the Arrowhead Library System Governing Board with wide latitude being given in direction of professional activities.
Active Searches Past Application Stage:
City of Richmond, MN
Treasurer/Administrator Position
Closed: September 18, 2023
City of Corcoran, MN
City Administrator Position
: September 11, 2023
City of Red Wing, MN
Assistant City Engineer Position
Closed: August 23, 2023
Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, MN
Executive Director Position
Closed: July 27, 2023
Hennepin County, MN
Chief Human Resources Officer Position
Closed: July 13, 2023
City of Red Wing, MN
Human Resources Manager Position
Closed: June 29, 2023
Coming soon!
City of Rochester, MN
Finance Director Position
Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy
Executive Director Position


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