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Compensation & Classification

Organizational Analysis
Creating an organizational structure that maximizes service effectiveness is challenging. In order for the City or County to function in a lean, efficient manner, there must a structure in place to capitalize on the organization’s most valuable resource—the people.

We will thoroughly assess your current structure and evaluate the full array of possibilities so the Board or Council will have the best possible information to make a decision about the structure of the organization or department.

Multi-Agency Services
Cities and Counties continue to face financial challenges created by a growing list of mandates and service expectations and a contraction of available financial resources.  This dilemma can sometimes be solved by creating service partnerships with other units of government.  We have experience evaluating options and providing a path forward for specific services or large parts of the organization.  Give us a call to explore the options. 

Other Human Resource Services
Our consultants have dozens of years of human resource and administrative expertise, and we can help you solve complex organizational and human resource management concerns.  We will dig deep and find creative and cost-effective solutions to some of your most challenging issues.  To find out more, simply give us a call or send an email.   


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