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Clarity of Purpose
Shared Experiences
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Bart Fischer

Dedicated Mentor

With a passion for mentoring people toward being their authentic selves - sharing trusted advice, stories, and experiences with the goal of reaching new levels of professional and personal development.

Bart's Experience, Skills, and Attributes

  • Management consultant with a passion for mentoring, advising, and fostering relationships

  • A strong desire to share trusted advice, experiences, and stories in order to guide you in reaching new levels of professional and personal development

  • Described by peers and colleagues as someone who is easy to talk with, setting the foundation for meaningful conversations and relationship development

  • Skilled in strategic planning & initiatives and connecting people around common themes and goals

  • 20 years of experience as a public administrator

  • City Administrator in Oakdale and Falcon Heights, Minnesota

  • Assistant City Administrator in Chaska and Newport, Minnesota

  • Public Administration Consultant

For more information, contact Bart today!

612-920-3320 x119 or


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