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The team DDA Human Resources, Inc. has assembled to assist you is made up of highly experienced public sector human resource professionals.  This group is eager to serve and takes great pride in helping advance the mission of human resources on a statewide basis.

Melanie Ault

Melanie Ault brings over 20 years of experience leading Minnesota county human resources and labor relations operations with additional experience at the city, regional, and state levels. You might recognize her by her passion for examining pending legislation and its ramifications for the public sector. Melanie holds BA, MAPA, and JD degrees, with further education in public administration. She is an avid supporter of professional organizations, serving on the state and national levels. She loves making new connections and looks forward to helping you find answers and ideas.


Melanie will be the primary response person for the AMC program.

Gary Weiers

Gary leads the Human Resources Division and heads the executive search and organizational analysis services. Since joining DDA in 2013, he has provided human resource management services, executive searches, organizational studies and management support. Gary has conducted over 70 executive searches and assisted with dozens of organizational related projects.

Prior to joining DDA Gary worked his way up the county government ladder, rising from social worker to social services director, and culminating with 11 years as Rice County's Administrator where he managed 16 departments with 350 employees and an annual budget of $50 million. This included organizational oversight of the human resources function for the County.


Gary is the overall project lead for the AMC program.


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